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The first Cornish Rex cat was discovered in 1950 in Cornwall England on a farm. The cat was born with curly fur and so unusual that he was kept inside and then bred back to his mother. Thus the Cornish Rex cat was born. Ten yrs later, in Devonshire another curly cat was born but it was found that this mutation gene was not the same and if the two cats were bred, you would only get straight coated kittens. But thru this other rex cat, the Devon Rex breed was created.

Cornish Rex cats have short hair and a very wavy coat. Unlike the normal cat, the Cornish Rex coat is just the undercoat layer and very soft and fine. There are no guard hairs on Cornish Rex cats. The Cornish Rex kittens are born curly with tiny waves and may lose them for awhile and regain a nice curly coat at a few months old. The Cornish Rex cat is known as the "greyhounds" of the cat world - with a long body, tail, legs and tuck up just like a greyhound dog. In fact, many Cornish Rex cats are natural born retrievers and will bring you toys to play with or throw for them.

While its not a guarantee, Cornish Rex cats are one of the better cats to have if you have mild to medium allergies. Be prepared to be entertained by these smart and very active Cornish Rex cats if you are lucky to be owned by one. A Cornish Rex will race around the house, help you in all you do and at the end of the day are very willing to curl up in your lap or under the covers in bed. And be warned - Cornish Rex cats are addictive and like potato chips - you never can own just one! Cornish Rex cats average 5-7 lbs when grown and are one of the smaller breeds of cats. Cornish Rex cats come in a rainbow list of colors, just about any color you can think of from solids, bicolors, calicos, tabbies, and even chocolate and pointed colors.

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Cornish Rex Male Calico Cat
This Male Calico Cat is a Cornish Rex that carries the XXY chromosome structure. A Boy Named Sue is a Cornish Rex cat breed by this Cornish Rex Breeder.
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