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A Boy Named Sue is A Cornish Rex Male Calico Cat!
CatTail's - Grand Champion
One of Our Studs

Cornish Rex Male Calico Cat

A Boy Named Sue is a male calico cat, is a Cornish Rex cat breed by Susan Jo Siebecker, Owner of CatTails Cattery and this web site. Calico is the color of the cat, not the breed, in this case the breed is Cornish Rex. In order for any cat to be a calico it must show black, red, and white, (or dilutes of the black and red). If the cat is all white, with only color patches on the head and tail, and no more than one patch on the body, it is a "van" calico cat. Which is the case with A Boy Named Sue, he is a Tortoiseshell van.

Male Calico Cat Boy Named Sue

A study at the College of Veterinary Medicine in Missouri, show one out of 3,000 calico colored cats is male. It is even rarer that a male calico cat will be a breeder (and a pedigree at that), as most male calico cats are sterile. This is not the case with A Boy Named Sue. A Boy Named Sue has been breed many many times. Many adorable Cornish Rex cats have come from him and his offspring. If you click on the above pictures you will see enlarged photo's, and that everything is atomically correct. Below is one of this male calico cat's offspring, Mister Mickey Mouse. And in the bottom left is one of his grandsons - ANOTHER MALE CALICO CORNISH REX CAT!

Cornish Rex Cat Mickey Mouse

This Cornish Rex cat is an offspring of A Boy Named Sue.
This is Mister Mickey Mouse, so named because of the
unique side pattern. Mister Mickey Mouse is a male Cornish Rex
But Not a Male Calico Cat!

Boy Named Sue's Grandson!

Another Male Calico Cat

Grandson is A Male Calico Also.

When male calico was born he had some marking that to some
it looked like it was blue, to others these same marks looked
lavender. The markings were in such questioning, that I had DNA tests done.
The DNA test showed the color to be dilute, and thus another male calico cat.
But then what can I say? It is a Grandson to A Boy Named Sue!

Grandson a Little Older

Older Male Calico Cat

As this male calico cat grew a little older, the calico markings began to disappear. At this point I don't know if he will show as a male calico Cornish Rex, or as an adult male Cornish Rex. But I do know that he is the Grandson to A Boy Named Sue. And he is carrying the XXY chromosome structure, that is needed for a male calico cat.
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